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Here’s what families are saying about Saint Louis Catholic School




“This is our 5th year at St. Louis School, and we just love the faculty and fellow families.  It is such a warm, nurturing environment.  The teachers are just wonderful, and include alums who have returned to teach, parents who have joined the faculty and staff, and even a mother-daughter pair of teachers with (grand) children as students.  St. Louis has a very involved and active Parent Teacher Organization that works tirelessly to enhance our school.”


“The Extended Day Care is great for working parents - staffed by wonderful, caring ladies; very flexible and affordable (just pay for the days and hours you need, even on an occasional basis).  In fact, when a change in work schedule eliminated the need for regular EDC, my son asked why he didn't get to go anymore.”

 H.J. Fleming, parent of 1st & 4th Grader





“I feel that there is something for everyone at St. Louis.  There is a club, or a sport, or an activity that your child can participate in.  Chess Club, Band, Sports, Scouts, Altar Server, Choir are just some examples.  I also think the kids are kind!”

Jerry Walsh, parent of a 4th grader




“I love going to a Catholic school because I learn the one and only true Faith.  Our staff is always smiling in the morning, and that gives me the right feeling that this school truly loves teaching and helping kids!  I know from what I have learned at St. Louis School, is to be yourself, and you will succeed.  Thank you St. Louis!”

Catherine Hahler,  8th grade student




“St. Louis School is truly a community atmosphere that is centered around a love of God”

 Kate Lavanga, parent of K & 3rd grader




“The main reason I like attending Catholic School is because we are able to pray. At St Louis we pray for many things and many people.   We pray for an end to abortion, we pray for the leaders of the world, we pray for our soldiers and their safe return. We pray for the poor and the sick, we pray for the Sisters at the Poor Clare Convent, we pray for the priests and the pope.  We pray for our families, our teachers and most importantly, we pray for each other.” 

Luke Kraynak, 8th grade student




"I love all my teachers!  It's a very fun school!  I love the friends that I have made here at St. Louis!"

 Samantha Doering, 6th grade student




“We love St. Louis School because it continues to pursue academic excellence for service.  The school instills social responsibility and the Catholic faith among their students.  It also provides a caring and nurturing environment with a sense of belongingness that makes St. Louis community unique and closely-knitted.”

Parent of a 4th Grader




“Public Schools today have neither a daily time for prayer or reflection, not even the mention of God.  That is why we have made the financial sacrifice to put our children in St. Louis Catholic School.  Their grades are much improved and they are receiving a sound religious foundation, which we feel is crucial to our children’s moral and spiritual values.   I love how Catholic Schools Week put it last year – a Catholic School Education is “Dividends For Life”.

 Bruno & Beth Bottcher, parents of 1st & 2nd Grader




“The true value of a Catholic education is exemplified at St. Louis School:  a loving, nurturing academic environment, led by a qualified and dedicated staff that instills academic and spiritual growth in every student.  In addition, the community of St. Louis provides a strong support system for existing and new families.  I know that my children will be prepared for the social, moral and intellectual challenges that they will face in the present and the future”.

Kathleen McNutt, teacher, parent (7,5,4,1 grades), & alum




“We have not encountered any other educational environment that has mastered a combination of a low-key loving, nurturing and faith centered education like St. Louis School has developed.  As a parent spending time at the school with the children and teachers, it makes me want to go back to school – you leave with a warm fuzzy feeling each time knowing your children are in such a wonderful learning environment.”

Jennifer Stackpole, parent of a K & 1st Grader




“There is truly a sense of community at St. Louis School.  I love that the teachers know who I am, and which kids are ours!  It is a great feeling to recognize or be recognized by other students and teachers.  That really makes our school feel like a family.  I love when one of the kids tells me something that they have learned from or heard from Fr. Carrier or Fr. Mullins because it is important that our priests be involved in the Catholic educational experience too.”

Dana McGuckin, parent of 5th, 2nd, 1st grader




“My husband and I hadn’t considered sending our children to Catholic School until we moved to Northern Virginia.  This is our fifth year and we could not be happier with St. Louis School.  The thing I love the most is that our children are praying every day at school, going to Mass with their classmates every week, and learning in an environment where it is acceptable to talk about God and Jesus Christ.” 

Parent of a 2nd & 4th Grader

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